Guide to Mooring at Bawah Reserve

Everything you need to know about mooring at Bawah Reserve.

 We do allow limited mooring at Bawah Reserve.
Maximum size of boat to enter our lagoon is 85m and max draft is 2.5m and max mast height is 15m.
The mooring is chargeable at USD$5 / foot (subjected to 11% government tax) per night
We also offer a package of USD$ 500++ per day per person. This charge includes scheduled meal periods, 1-time spa treatment and water activities, excluding diving.
All mooring proceeds are donated to the Anambas Foundation. 
We kindly request that the shuttle between the yacht and jetty to be by own tender. 
Mooring Information
Please note that Passports and Identities will be required by Island Security Team as a form of registration and reporting to the immigration department in Indonesia.
All guests who come ashore must be over the age of five years. 
The access to our islands is on request. Please contact security on VHF Channel 2 for prior approval.  Please note that we reserve the right to close the island to visitors or to limit access to certain outlets/services in cases of high occupancy, private events or festive seasons etc. 
Other Information:
  • Anchoring, fishing and the collection of any dead or alive marine life up to 600m from the house reef is strictly forbidden by law.
  • No bonfires are allowed on any of the 6 islands surrounding Bawah.
  • Bilge pumps are to be activated outside the lagoon.
  • Do not dispose any non-biodegradable waste e.g. plastics, cans, etc in the lagoon, sea or on the island.
  • Please refrain from playing loud music during your time at Bawah Reserve. This is to ensure privacy and comfort of our in-house guests.
  • Bawah Reserve is not licensed to sell any fuel to any boats/vessels/yachts.